NCIT National Center for Intermodal Transportation

Union Pacific: Fatigue Risk Management Symposium

May 11th - 13th, 2010,  Union Pacific Center

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Executive Summary

Results: Break-Out Groups

Speaker Topic
Janis Anderson Sleep Health and Safety for Railroaders
Drew Dawson The Use of Modeling in a Fatigue Risk Management System
Denny Holland Union Pacific's Fatigue Risk Management System
Denny Holland Fatigue, Sleep Disorders and Related Health Issues
Steven R. Hursh Prospects for Fatigue Modeling
Steven R. Hursh Evidence-Based Fatigue Risk Management
Scott Kaye Evidence-Based Fatigue Risk Management_Past-Present-Future
Jason Kumagai Fatigue Risk Management System at Canadian Pacific
Joseph Leutzinger How to Incorporate Health Risks into New or Existing Fatigue Models
Joseph Leutzinger Measuring Effectiveness Of Aletrness Management Education
Mike Moroz Canadian National Fatigue Management Initiatives Past & Present
Peter Page Planning-Scheduling-Risk Systems
Bobby Pechal Best Way - Crew Lineup
Steven Popkin Future Directions in Fatigue and Safety Research
Steven Popkin How Can Science Assist The Industry
Thomas G. Raslear Fatigue Accident Risk Management
Patrick Sherry Studies of Passenger Work Rest Schedules
Patrick Sherry Looking at Level Three - Critical Incidents, Fatigue and Mood
Terry Spratt What are 'WE' up too? - The Passenger Persective
James Stem UPRR_Fatigue Risk Management Symposium
Thomas Streicher Short Line Synopsis

Scientific Panel


Drew Dawson, PhD.

Director: Centre for Sleep Research
University of South Australia


Denny Holland, PhD.

Director: Union Pacific Occupational Health Psychology


Steven R. Hursh, PhD.

Institute of Behavior Resources
Johns Hopkins Medical School

Joseph Leutzinger, PhD.

President: Health Improvement Solutions


Steve Popkin, PhD

Chief: Human Factors Division,
Volpe Research Center, DOT


Patrick Sherry, PhD.

Intermodal Transportation Institute
University of Denver


Name Title Organization Email
Janis Anderson, PhD Professor of Psychology Harvard Medical School
Division of Sleep Medicine
Tara Arnett Asst. Director Labor Relations NS
Wendy Banister Manager: Crew Support BNSF
Janet Barnes-Farrell Professor & Director: Industrial Psychology Applications Center University of Connecticut
Roger Boldra Director Labor Relations BNSF
Michael Brazytis General Director Crew Management UP
Roby Brown General Manager Safety UP
Stephen Bruno Director of Regulatory Affairs BLET
Janet Carbonelli Director of Operations Metra
Cassandra Cantu   Volpe Center  
Thomas Chawluk Sr. Sr. Director CMS Amtrak
Mark Ciurej Grand Lodge Representative BRS
Michael Coplen Senior Evaluator, Manager Culture and Safety Performance Program FRA
Nick Cox Program Manager Health Promotion UP
Drew Dawson Director: Centre for Sleep Research University of S. Australia
Ben Ebmeier Legislative Rep/Local Chairman UTU
Michael A. Fitzpatrick Railroad Specialist FRA
Lawrence Fleischer Director Ergonomics and Safety BNSF
Sharon Francois Manager Labor Management Systems Amtrak
Dewey Garland Director of Railroad and Shipyard Workers SMWIA
Deb Gengler Director Clinical Services UP
Benjamin Gerson Medical Director University Services
Judy Gertler Division Manager QinetiQ N. America
Mike Greene Director: Crew Management NS
Erica Griffin Program Coordinator Amtrak
Jon Hass Systems Developer BNSF
Scott Hinckley General Director UP
Denny Holland Director: Occupational Health Psychology UP
John P. Holland, MD, MPH Chief Medical Officer UP
Sunny Hothan Legislative Rep UTU
Heidi Howarth Engineering Psychologist Volpe Center
Brian Hurla Project Lead: Technology Services BNSF
Steven Hursh President Institutes of Behavior Resources
Stephen Jenner Accident Investigator NTSB
Mark Jones Director Employee Assistance Services UP
Richard Jorgenson Senior Analyst GAO
Scott Kaye Program Manager: Fatigue Policy & Development FRA
Jackie Keenan Manager: Occupational Health Psychology UP
Vijay Kohli President Fulcrum Corp
Kevin Kresl Legislative Representative UTU UTU
Jason Kumagai Human Factors Consultant CP
Joe Leutzinger Principal Health Improvement Solutions
Penny Lyons Senior Manager Drug & Alcohol Testing UP
Michael Manz Senior Assistant Manager (CMC) CP
Jeff Moller Assist VP: Transportation Systems and Practices AAR
Jeremy Moore Director Labor Relations NS
Mike Moroz Sr. Manager: Crew Scheduling and Systems CN
Peter Page Managing Director InterDynamics
Bill Parsons Director of Regulatory Oversight Metro-North RR
Len Pearson General Manager: Faid-Safe Business Group InterDynamics
Bobby Pechal Director: North Operations BNSF
Steve Popkin, PhD. Director: Human Factors Research Volpe Center
JB Rock Manager Amtrak Operations CSX
Hadar Rosenhand Engineering Psychologist Volpe Center
Brian Rowe Director: Safety Reporting and Compliance UP
Peter-Paul Seidenschnur Director EMAX
Patrick Sherry, PhD. Professor University of Denver
Andrea Smith Asst. Manager, Labor Relations BNSF
Terry Spratt Manager Rail Training APTA
James Stem National Legislative Director UTU
Christopher Straub Program Manager Amtrak
Thomas Streicher Gen. Supt. Safety, Security and Op. Practices American Assoc. of Regional Railroad Assoc.
Anastasia Wagner Attorney Lamson, Dugan and Murray
Betsey Ward Analyst GAO


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